Iceland crisis

Iceland best place for press freedom
October 23, 2008, 1:42 pm
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cameraThe international journalists’ body, Reporters Sans Frontieres has published its annual report on global press freedom, The Guardian reports.

Iceland, Luxembourg and Norway jointly top the list of 173 countries, which takes into account different factors including freedom of speech, treatment of journalists and media ownership.


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Dear Mr. Iclandic guy,
Thanks for commenting on our high school blog! We were totally stoked to see that our classroom blog is getting recognition all the way in Iceland! You probably didn’t dig what we had to say about your country, but i mean let’s get real, we’re just teenagers, we like to rebel. So, keep on fighting the good fight for your country my friend, ’cause these Texas teens totally feel you dog. Keep it real =)

Comment by Texas Teen

Thank you 🙂 Keep up the rebel 🙂

Comment by icelandcrisis

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