Iceland crisis

Several hundred become thousands
October 20, 2008, 12:02 am
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There have been many stories floating around how many protested on Friday.  I have heard rumors from only few and the biggest that there were really 5.000 people there. The truth is that there were several hundred there. 

Compared with demonstration held here in Iceland on 1. April, were rocks and eggs were thrown and the demonstrator were really showing there feeling this demonstration was calm and peaceful. 

It shows the feelings over here that in all the crisis only few hundred were willing to show up for demonstration at this time.  

If there was real heat you would expect some of the hundreds of bankers laid of to show their support, or the thousands of Icelanders that lost money on the banks.   Money that people thought was safe.


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Well, just for the record, according to Reuters it was “more than 2,000”

It is the icelandic police that announced the number of 500. But police around the world tends to “underestimate” (=lie) about the number of participants in demonstrations.

Comment by Michalis (from Greece)

Well I think they actually overestimated this time, compare to the images shown in news in Iceland.

Comment by icelandcrisis

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